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Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi
Theme Parks
Full day

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is the world’s first Ferrari theme park. The park is a tribute to the passion, excellence, performance and technical innovation that the Italian based Ferrari has established over the years and represents today.

As you step through the main gate, you enter into an intense multisensory experience where families, Ferrari fans and racing fanatics can experience history like never before.

The park hosts more than 20 state of the art attractions, each designed to bring various aspects of the Ferrari story to life.

You will see Maranello through Enzo’s eyes, feel the rush of speed as the G-Force takes over and learn from the legends themselves in the factory or at the pit stop. A real high speed experience!

Children 3 years old and below can enter for free.

Junior is considered 1.3m tall and below.